Monday, June 23, 2008


My muse has been tantalizing my Aquarian brain. I am already wading into my creative waters and seeing what I like to do first.

I have a rough draft of a fantasy novel, meditations to write and merging all my one woman show ideas into one workable show to work on. Of course, finding some good acting work. After the sonnet show, I want to do more theater. It has to be good theater, no crap that I can do in my sleep. Get good film work and get paid for it. I have a whole slew of movies and books have been waiting patiently for me to dive into.

Yes my inner Muse is flitting all over the place. Sparking me to do this and that. So this week I'm going to play around. I'll see what catches my fancy and my eye. Who knows what creative opportunities I will draw to myself. Summer to me is the time to indulge into deep creative passions and fantasies. The long hours of bright sunlight and blue sky is perfect for all of this.

I shall see where my Muse is to take me this summer.

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Cheryl Lynn said...

Aaaahhhh, the Muse...
At times so illusive, and at other times, shows up right when you need her.

As a writer and an artist, I understand the overload of ideas that can come with the change of season.

So happy to discover another doing what she loves to do.

May all your dreams come true, and your creative juices flow forever.

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