Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I love books and libraries. When I was at Howard, one of my favorite places to be was Founders Library. I loved the feel of the grand old library with it's large windows and oak tables. My local Library is one of my haunts now. I'm there at least twice a week picking up books. Yes, I know I am a serious Library geek!

I revel in being a reader. I wanted to share a partial list of my favorite books. Since 2007, I started a book list.Sometimes I read a book then forget the author's name and get frustrated trying to remember the name. So now with my list, I keep track of all my best reads. There is a mix of styles and themes here.

Pleasure Seekers by Rochelle Alers
Poemcrazy by Susan Goldsmith Wooldrige
Seven Tears from The Sea by Teri Farley
This Pen for Hire: Jaine Austen mystery series by Laura Levine
My Soul is a Witness: African American Spirituality edited by Gloria Wade Gayles
Casanegra by Blair Underwood with Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes
Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer
Passing by Nella Larsen
Blue Bloods & Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz.
Steering By Starlight by Martha Beck
Dante Valentine series by Lilith Saintcrow
The Calling series by Caridad Pinero
Passport Diaries by Tamara Gregory

Happy Reading to all. If you pick up any of the books, let me know what you thought.


The Mystic Fairy said...

Hi Shell,
Thank you for joining me at my blog tea party. You are a fab guest!

Tea Party friends...visit my blog for a glass of wine!

Shell said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love having visitors. Please come back again.

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