Stay Positive

I do my best to stay positive and creative. I truly believe what you put your energy on grows. Instead of feeding what's wrong, I rather feed on what's good. I am sure there are many who are living their dreams and have days like this. Since I'm feeling on low energy, I'm taking a happy free day. I'm going to revel in what makes me happy and allow all that negativity to slip away for today. Be refreshed for tomorrow to tackle all I need to do. Who knows what gifts tomorrow will bring.


Cassandra said...

I've always felt that we draw to us what we speak aloud, so if we keep positive and say and do positive things, we are bound to receive some positive back.

Nothing wrong with that. ;)

All the best,

Shell said...

Hi C.C.,

Thanks for stopping by! I go daily to Midnight Moon Cafe. I do believe too. We attract what we are.