Thursday, May 22, 2008


Critics are part of life whether you're a performer or not. What about that voice in your head? That tiny critic warbling in your mind all stern and proper forever saying: Don't do this, Don't Do that, You can't possibly be serious, That will never work, etc.,

What made me think of this is Harrison Ford's comments about critics with his new Indiana Jones flick coming out. He says, "I suppose it would be interesting, but I don't read reviews. I don't want to believe the bad stuff and I don't want to believe the good stuff. It doesn't really matter."

He's right. In the end, it's what we believe in our minds that determine our sense of failure or success. How many talented people self destruct despite all the success achieved? They still believe they aren't good enough. We must change our heads first; and,support ourselves in our minds. We have to believe we are good and talented enough to live our dreams. So we can be as Harrison and not really give a crap what the outside world thinks. Live,achieve,succeed from an authentic inner voice directing us instead of that fearful critic in our head.

A great quote from Arsenio Hall: "God doesn't give us any dreams that he doesn't believe we can't do."

If God believes in us and our dreams, then why can't we?

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