How can I serve as an actor?

On Wednedsay evening, I was listening to actor and coach, Peter Pamela Rose, talking about actors on casting director Jeff Mitchell's show on I went to a seminar she had at Aftra's last year that really inspired me. Peter said actors must ask themselves How can I serve as an actor when they go to audition. So I had three auditions this week and I tried it out.

I went in to every audition by saying that to myself. Peter is so right on the money. It switched the focus from being all about Shell to how I use my talent to serve the script right now. I was so relaxed and free. It reminded me why I still my love of acting. I always felt a calling to be an actor since I was a little girl. Some people are able to walk away from acting, but I can't. Acting is my blood and my soul.

So I am here. I say How can I serve as an Actor? This is going to be my new guiding force this year. Not how I can get ahead but how I can use my talents for the greatest good. I'm not saying that me being an actor is going to change the world; perhaps, as an actor I can help, uplift and entertain some people from a role I'm doing in a movie, play or television. Who knows? I have been called and I must serve.

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