Monday, April 21, 2008

Great Cicely

I finally saw Madea's Family Reunion over the weekend. I really enjoyed it. Two scenes stood out for me when Vanessa ,played by Lisa Arrindell Anderson, confronts her mother ,played by Lynn Whitfield, about what happened to her as a child. It is a powerful and heartwrenching scene. Then later on at the family reunion when Cicely Tyson who plays Mytrle gives a powerful speech to the family especially the younger generation. How I wish someone had posted that on youtube. I did find a great video about Cicely posted by 90Trinity on youtube. Thanks 90trinity. I wanted to share.
What I love about Cicely is that she refuses to take parts that are demeaning. If that meant she doesn't work for a while, well that's what she does. When she does find roles she likes, she is always strong and vibrant in every role. I respect her for taking that stand. It says a lot about her integrity; also,how seriously she understands and respects the power of being an actor. So enjoy and watch this tribute to Cicely Tyson.

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