Monday, April 28, 2008

Embrace Mondays

It's Monday. It's a rainy and misty day here in the city. Days like this always make me want to snuggle in my bed, gaze out the window and curl up with a good book. Still Mondays have that icky feeling that lingers on even if your doing what you love. I feel this is totally unfair. What did Monday do to us? Can Monday help it that it's the beginning of the work week?

Here are some interesting facts about Monday.
Monday is named after the moon. Moonday got shortened to Monday.
Monday mornings is a dangerous time because more people get a heart attack on this day. Why? I'm assuming because of job related stress. Something to think about.
Color associations for Monday are silver and blue.

If you really dislike Mondays, rethink the day. Wear a favorite blouse or shirt today. Plan something yummy to eat for lunch or dinner. Make a list of cool music to listen to on Mondays only. Go to the movies tonight. Here's something radical, if you hate your job. Really can't stand it. Then give your two weeks notice on a Monday and plan you new life.

Embrace Mondays and make it fun for you.

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