Thursday, June 27, 2024

Somewhere in Time Day

 This is the day I honor one of all time favorite movies: Somewhere in Time. On this day, in the movie, Richard (Christopher Reeve)  goes back to June 27th 1912 to meet Elise (Jane Seymour). Here is a minor spoiler alert: He already met Elise in the beginning of the movie but didn't know it.  If you have never seen Somewhere in Time,  you can watch it on Tubi tv for free. It is a must see for my fellow Romance fans out there. 

This is the first meeting in 1912. Where Elise says "Is it you?"

Richard awestruck at finally seeing her says "Yes."

Richard finally finagle his way to dance with Elise.

Elise is trying to figure out who this handsome stranger is.

Richard knows someway he will fulfill his destiny with Elise.

I am forever indebted to Somewhere in Time for teaching me the power of true love as 11 year old.  Something that I still believe in today.

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