Monday, October 31, 2022

All Hallow's Eve

 Hello, my friends. I'm holding a Halloween Instagram Live tonight for free intuitive readings, so if anyone is interested. All the info is down below:

I had a great weekend doing Halloween activities and getting ready for tonight. Carved a pumpkin for Halloween.

This is I believe the second time we carved a pumpkin; Good old Jack, that's what he named him, was a pretty good sport. I feel he looks decent.

Once lit up, Jack looked scary enough to chase away any spirits with bad intentions! I found Jack comforting.

If you have a dollar tree near you, please pick up these tealight. They are a lovely color and have a wonderful aroma to them.

If you need a last minute idea for a costume, I have one for you.  Find a nice dress you like, I adore pink dresses since that is a favorite color of mine then get an inexpensive crown and wand. Here you are: A Princess or a Faerie Godmother depending on what you like. You can wear a wig or go with your own hair.

 Remember, tomorrow all that delicious Halloween candy/chocolate will be 50% off. Before I go, here is a sweet magical spell for all of you on this most magical day.

I'm wishing you all a wonderful Halloween.

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