Monday, June 27, 2022

Somewhere in Time Day

 If you are a long time reader of Swan of Dreamers, you know how much love Somewhere in Time. It is one of my favorite films. What I was delighted to find out about two months ago that Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve actually fell in love while filming the movie! What?! To know now seeing SIT on HBO as a 11 year old, I was actually watching two people truly in love!! That makes my heart sing!


I call today Somewhere in Time Day because on this date in the movie, Richard (Christopher Reeve) goes back to June 27th 1912 to meet Elise (Jane Seymour). If you have never seen Somewhere in Time,  you can watch it on Tubi tv for free. It is a must see for my fellow Romance fans out there. 

Here is another fun fact about the movie that is personal to me. Somewhere in Time was released on October 3, 1980. That date became important to me years later because my son's birthday is October 3!!

Wishing you all a wonderful love filled Monday.

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