Friday, October 8, 2021

Sugar Hill (1974)

 Happy Friday, my friends.

Zombie films and I don't get along that much. Zombies freak me out; and,I only enjoy a few zombie flicks. One day, I happened to start watching the movie Sugar Hill which had zombies more in align with Voudon. Once I started watching it, I was hooked

Diana "Sugar" Hill is grieving the loss of her boyfriend, who was murdered by local criminal named Morgan. She goes to the local Voodoo Queen Mama Maitresse played by Zara Cully. If you watched the Jeffersons, she was George Jefferson's mother! She asks her for help. Mama Maitresse calls on Baron Samedi to help Sugar.

  Baron Samedi comes in all his glory and he brings his powers to awaken the dead slaves who walked to their death more than a century ago in the. These zombies have silver eyes, with swords and clubs with cob webs around them.

Sugar promises Samedi she will give him a gift if he helps her. He agrees and then the fun begins. While the killings begin, Sugar's old bf who is now a cop played by Richard Lawson, gets on the case. He begins to suspect the unthinkable.

I won't tell you the rest because you just have to watch. Sugar Hill is played by Marki Bey, who is really beautiful and should be more well known. This is the first time I have heard of her.  I appreciate the African and Voudon influence of these Zombies which makes it more interesting to watch for me.

Of course, here is the trailer for you:

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