Friday, October 1, 2021

Dracula Untold


Kicking of October, which is one of my favorite months, with Dracula Untold starring Luke Evans.

This version of Dracula was to be the new origin story of the legendary character. Dracula to be part of the Universal Pictures' Dark Universe that included The Mummy.After the failure of the Mummy, the idea of the Dark Universe was scrapped which was a a shame.

I really enjoyed this retelling of Dracula. Luke Evans as the noble Prince Vlad. He must save his family and his people  from the Turks who want 1,000 of their boys to be part of their army.   Before this high handed edict is announced, Vlad finds a  strange creature in a cave that him and two of his soldiers found.

Vlad goes to the local monk about what he sees. He tells him it was once a man who wanted power from the a demon. He was tricked and now doomed to live out his days in the cave drinking blood.

The tagline in Dracula Untold is sometimes the world doesn't need a hero but a monster. So Vlad unwillingly to sacrifice his son and all the other boys in the kingdom, seeks out this creature and his power.

I won't tell you the rest of the story, you have to see it. Luke Evans is a charismatic actor, so you follow him happily through this new version of Dracula. The fight scenes were really good. I have seen many versions of Dracula over the years, it was great to see Dracula learn his abilities. See him do things I never saw another Dracula do.

If you like Dracula, vampires or Luke Evans, then go watch it. It is interesting and fun to watch. I could see how it could have been expanded on if they had actually did Dracula Untold 2.

Here's the trailer for all of you

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