Monday, July 12, 2021

Manifest Monday: Money Affirmation Video

 Happy Manifest Monday. I haven't been able to blog as much as which all the different projects I am doing. I love SwanofDreamers, so I do my best to at least blog once a week. I found this wonderful video that is about Money Affirmations. 

What I love about this video is geared for Black Women to get use to luxury. Growing up in a middle class background, the women in my family especially my mom and gram believed in always having the best in life. This isn't a foreign concept for me. I do love affirmations and this video is filled with beautiful images of sistahs. Even if you aren't African American woman, you can enjoy the video.

I like to think I am channeling the wondrous Diahann Carroll listening to this video. I  always think of her like my on-screen glam mom. Enjoy.

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Robert Alvarez said...

Shell, when it comes to blogging, sometimes people get busy, and in your case, your schedule has been especially Abundantly Full lately.

I love this blog post, and yes, it is Mr. Prosperity approved!!

I look forward to watching the video, especially as I AM always open to any book, any video, any song, any form of creative expression that opens one to ever-increasing Financial Supply.

Interestingly enough, I recently had a conversation with my life partner, and I remember distinctly saying that there are some items from some stores I can longer buy. I have always loved thrift stores, and now more than ever, the few times I go to a thrift store (although I think the last time I visited a thrift store was at least six months to a year ago, but I digress), I can no longer buy as much as I once did.

Granted, I have a supa fly leather trench with a designer label, so I happily made an exception with that, but items such as shoes, they must be brand new. I can no longer buy used shoes, no matter the label, and I AM a label ho, so you know (smile).

What a wonderful way to saturate my consciousness with Wealth and Opulence. I look forward to it.

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