Saturday, October 31, 2020

All Hallow's Eve

It is All Hallow's Eve, my friends. Are you excited? Can you feel the magic in the air swirling around us? It is also a full moon in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, I associate Taurus energy with luxury, abundance and wealth. Light a green candle for yourself tonight to acknowledge all the money you have and all the more money you want to manifest your way. It's a Blue Moon which is a full moon in the same month;it won't be another full moon on Halloween until 2039!

I like to honor this amazing night with a prayer for my ancestors who aren't here. Those who I know and those countless ancestors whose blood flows through me that their names have been lost in time. They are a part of me too, so I honor them as well. One day, we will all be ancestors. 

There is also the fun and whimsy of Halloween with this sweet little teddy bear dressed up for the occasion. I will be taking Jake out to trick n- treat at my mom's home only. Then we will walk around and look at the Halloween decoration. With Covid still raging out there, I don't feel comfortable taking Jake to anyone else's house for candy. We got some sweet Halloween cupcakes to enjoy to make up for the candy he won't get.

Jake had a swell Halloween party at school! He is dressed up in favorite costume: Superman. Luckily, his school is really small. The kids are divided into two groups. In his class, there is only 3 of them. He is quite safe, honestly all the services he gets in school is better than receiving them at home. I know we are lucky that he still gets all his services from his IEP. I know that had been a struggle for a lot of parents and children all around the United States.


Now, for some fun. Pick card # 1, 2 or 3. Then scroll down below to see what the Halloween message it is for you. Now, don't peek. Really look at the card and let whatever number that calls to you to be your card for the day. Now scroll down below.

I used my brand new Unicorn Oracle Cards. Unicorns are full of magic which is perfect for a day like today. Now on with the cards. If you chose #1, you picked..

Gentleness is a strength, not a weakness. Be a beacon of light for others, if there is conflict that needs to be resolved, speak your truth with love. The world needs more people who are kind! Make sure to be gentle with yourself too!

If you picked #2, your card is Passion. You need to spice thing up for yourself, stop doing the same old things. Take fun risks for yourself, pour your passion into your life. With daylight savings time starting tomorrow, having your inner sun shine will help to keep you motivated as we go into the darkest part of the year.

If you picked #3, your card is Sanctuary. It is time for you to nest more. I know we are all home a lot more, still you need to build in time to rest and just be. Meditate and create an inner sanctuary in your mind to go to. Take time to just lay down and listen to a podcast. Stillness and dream time is encouraged for you now.

I couldn't resist this sweet witch pony to end this post. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween, my friends. I will be having a late night
Instagram Live tonight, so come in costume and join in the fun as I do readings. If you are interesting in getting a reading with me, you can go here for more info. Have a safe and fun Halloween night. 

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Dena Miller said...

Hope you had a beautiful and enchanting Samhain Lovely Shell!