Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Happy Autumn

 Summer was a wild ride for me. How about all of you? My sweet laptop of many years busted on me. I finally got a refurbished one which is running pretty good. I am happy. And I got a new tripod with a ring light. Can you say up level? I am doing my best to stay ahead with my dreams as they grow. I am looking forward to Autumn. My son, Jacob, started school on Monday. Here in NYC we had an option, so we chose blended learned for him. His school is small already since it's specifically for kids on the autistic spectrum. We really wanted Jacob to get all services in person instead of online as it was before.

As you can see I have my altar all set up. The candle is the middle was my last Summer candle burning. The two other candles I got from my good old Dollar Tree. I have my prosperity incense lit in my unicorn incense holder. You can see below how excited I am for the new season. I was able to take a nice long shot of me with my new tripod.

On Friday, September 25th, which is the birthday of Mark Hamill and Christopher Reeve,  they are re-releasing my favorite The Empire Strikes Back. Because of the virus, there aren't any movie theaters open near me. Maybe that will change. Though I have seen it so many times, there is nothing like seeing a film on the big screen again.

Wishing you all the best and brightest this Autumn. 

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Sarah said...

Happy Autumn to you Shell x

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