Monday, April 27, 2020

Dracula on Netflix

Happy Monday, my friends. I have something nice and juicy to kick offy our week. I finally decided to watch some Netflix for a change.Catch up on shows I have wanted to see. Sabrina, Part 3 is up next. First, I decided to watch Dracula on Netflix. OMG!!


First,it is bloody. I don't dig a lot of Blood. With Dracula,I guess it's expected. Honestly I was hooked from the first five minutes. Claes Bang who plays Count Dracula is wonderful! He is perfectly charming, roguish and amoral. You don't want to root for him at all. But you do! Of course every good hero or anti-hero must have a worthy opponent!

We have a great one in Sister Agatha (Dolly Wells). Sister Agatha plays a  dangerous game of wits with the powerful Dracula. That is part of the great fun of the series! Wondering who will get the upperhand!


Now, I don't want to say anything more to spoil the show. Everytime I knew where it was going, it surprised me. And I really liked that. If you love Vampires, then please watch. If you have already seen it, let me know in the comments. Happy watching, my friends. 🧛🏾‍♂️


Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
I watched this when it first came out but didn't get past the first two episodes. I quite liked it so I don't know what happened! Might go back and give it another go.
Glad you are doing ok. x

Robert Alvarez said...

Shell, thank you, again, for yet another great series recommendation on Netflix. I have enjoyed all of them.

First, you recommended "The Fall," starring THE Gillian Anderson, then "Marcella," starring Anna Friel and now, "Dracula," starring Claes Bang.

I already watched the pilot episode and I AM going to do my best to make the first season last as long as possible. I just need to remember to watch my other shows FIRST!

Also, how lovely to spend time on your blog again. It had been far too long.

Thank you for all you do. May the Universe Bless you and yours with Love, Life, Money and Magick!!

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