Monday, March 9, 2020

Happy Full Moon

I love when full moons land on the day of the Moon.
Monday! It is one of the three supermoons. When
I got up this morning, I saw the moon outside my
window. She was huge and glowing in the early blue

It is the Full Moon in Virgo.

For all my Virgo sun and moon babies, this is your lucky
moon. For the rest of us, you can use the Virgo Full Moon
to focus on earthly matters. Virgo is an earth sign. That
concerns itself with anything of the material world: including
your body, money, home, clothes etc.

* Make a plan to move your body more.

* Release or gain weight for Springtime.

* Research other ways to manifest money.

* Throw out or donate your clothes.

* Make a dream book for your next home or apartment
that you want to move into.

* Plan a fun and satisfying feast for yourself.

* Try to eat more colors from the rainbow to strengthen your
health as the spread of the coronavirus continues.

These are just a few ideas to tap into under the Virgo Energy
Full Moon. I am using this time to get back into better eating
habits for myself.

As always, use your intuition to guide you how to celebrate
or use the lunar energy swirling in the air.

This is a special reminder that another thing to do under
a Full Moon is to schedule a reading with me!

I offer readings via email,phone or skype. If you are interested,
go on over to for more information.

Happy Full Moon, my friends.


DVArtist said...

So happy you were able to see the moon. It is to overcast here.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing the moon when it's full!

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