Friday, November 8, 2019

Easy tips for Empaths, Intuitives and other Sensitives...

These tips are my best friends when traveling
to work, dates and events. If you are sensitive like me,
then these tips could help you too. These are
things to bring with you or do to keep you connected
to your energy,

💙 Headphones.

💙 Books.

💙 Healthy snacks to much on.

💙 Inspiration music and podcasts to
listen to.

💙 Bathroom breaks to splash water on your face
to get away from heavy energy.

💙 Wear your favorite colors or fabrics.

💙 Visualize or ask your favorite guardians to be with you.
They can include animals, angels, guides and fictional characters.

💙 A notebook to write ideas down.

💙 Water.

💙 Your favorite crystals.


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