Friday, August 23, 2019

Creative Notebook : Part Deux

I am true Aquarius because I am filled with ideas. More than ten years ago,I started keeping notebooks with all my ideas. I prefered paper only becauseI know all too well about losing creative ideas on your computer. They are portable, so I can bring them wherever I go. The screenplay I co-wrote came a two page scene that morphed into two years later a 135 screenplay.So from humble beginnings, great beginnings can happen.

This is the cover. Image of me, actor related pictures and a young Mark Hamill.

This is the inside of the book featuring David Cassidy and Jordan Peele.

I started making collages as well for more inspiration.

Pulling out my favorite pages from catalogs to eventually order from.

Divine downloads, as I call it, and poetry.

Meditation and thoughts to live by.

On the back of my creative notebook is Judy Garland looking bright and full of life.

Do you have a creative notebook that you write in? If you do, I love to hear about in the comments. Or you can always email me privately at If you are interested, here is a creative notebook I shared a few years ago right here.


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