Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Happy May Day

It is a brisk and cold spring here in The Bronx. I wish I could spend some of
May Day frolicing in my local park, looking for the Green Man with flowers in
my hair.How to celebrate this day if you have loads of responsibilities like me or
have the weather be crappy on this day like me. Improvise my friends.

Here are easy tips for you:

*Play music that makes you feel free and light like spring.

*Bring flowers to your home: real or fake. Decorate flowers
around your home. Wear flowers in your hair or wear floral

*Spritz floral fragrance on yourself or in your home.

*Burn pretty candles. Here is a pretty electric rose candle I
got from dollar tree.

*Find a piece of poetry you like to read celebrate today.

*Write your own poetry.

*Make rest of Spring plans you like to accomplish.
For me, I have to start searching for photographers to get
new acting headshots. and, continue my workout routine.

I am leaving you this lovely poem by one of my favorites,
Emily Dickinson.

Whose maids upon remoter green
Keep their Seraphic May —
And all day long, with dance and game,
And gambol I may never name —
Employ their holiday.

Here to light measure, move the feet
Which walk no more the village street —
Nor by the wood are found —
Here are the birds that sought the sun
When last year's distaff idle hung
And summer's brows were bound.

Ne'er saw I such a wondrous scene —
Ne'er such a ring on such a green —
Nor so serene array —
As if the stars some summer night
Should swing their cups of Chrysolite —
And revel till the day —

Like thee to dance — like thee to sing —
People upon the mystic green —
I ask, each new May Morn.
I wait thy far, fantastic bells —
Announcing me in other dells —
Unto the different dawn!



Robert Alvarez said...

Shell, thank you for this, and a Bountifully-Blessed Beltaine/May Day to you, too!!

I love your recommendations. They are all in line with the Energy of May Day/Beltaine: Flowers, Fertility, Creativity, Divine Love.

Also, I love that you posted your words of the year. They are great re-minders of how Intuitive and Spiritually connected you are, as well as sources of Divine Inspiration to those who read them.

As always, I AM most thankful for you, and thank you for doing so much for so many.

Diane said...

Hi, Shell,
I came to your blog from IHanna’s post. Thank you for reminding me to acknowledge May Day. I always want to leave little nosegays of flowers on door knobs of friends but never do. Your post reminded me there are always ways to honor May day. Thank you too for the lovely poem. May we all cherish the merry month of May. It is a quickly fleeting time. That’s what makes it so special.