Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, my friends. I shared on my instagram this
same picture showing my weight release. I have gone from
a size 16 to size 12. It has taken a year to get there.

Weight for me is emotional. My weight is all those feelings
inside me that haven't been expressed properly or buried.
The past 12 months have been full of changes. I have made
a priority to focus on myself and what truly makes me happy.
My ultimate goal is a size 6. Before, I use to say a size 10.
I want to challenge myself and my body.

These are the tips that have helped me. Also, my new partner is
a personal trainer, so I'm going to add things he told me.
Hopefully, this can help somebody.

🌻 Drink water. Aim for half a gallon daily.
🌻 Limit rice, bread, cheese, red meat.
🌻 Have an abundance of your favorite fruits to eat.
🌻 Exercise for at least three times a week.
🌻 Keep track of exercising on your calendar with
🌻 Keep to 10 grams or less for products with sugar you eat.
🌻 Plan what to have on your cheat day. (This helped
me not to go nuts!)
🌻 Keep an inspiration board on Pinterest. Here is mine
🌻 Be prepared for old emotions or memories to come up.
Allow this to happen.
🌻 Slow progress is still progress.
🌻 Take pictures of when you start. This will help
to keep you focused. You'll be amazed at how far
you've come.
🌻 Continue to love yourself. Treat yourself with small gifts.
🌻 Express yourself when you feel the need to overeat.
🌻 Dive into your creative projects or ideas.

These are just my tips that have helped me. I wish you
all the best on your journey to love your body.


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