Monday, April 16, 2018

Manifest Monday : Stretch your Good

Happy Monday, my friends. With all this new Spring
energy, this is a good time to stretch yourself. Ask
yourself how good can you stand it? If you got some of
your deepest goals and wishes fulfilled how would you feel?

Would you be filled with light like this beautiful card
from the Angel Answers Oracle Deck? Or would you feel
like you don't deserve the good that has happened to you?

Right now, I like you to take five minutes. Imagine a
long held dream coming true. See yourself in the mirror
beaming with happiness. Take your time on how you feel
achieving this. Let yourself go and bask in this feeling.

I took my five minutes to visualize myself in an bright
orange two piece swim suit. My hair out and thick. I look
beautiful and free. I use this visualization to help me
with my weight release goals. The more I have used this
image, the easier I feel about it. It doesn't feel as far
fechted to me. I am open and excited for for this to

Take time to stretch your good for yourself. Why shouldn't
good experiences happen to you? Here is one of my favorite
affirmations that I like to use.

"I am open and receptive to receiving my prosperous
good now"

Wishing you a wonderful Monday.


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