New Moon in Leo

Today is the Sun's day aka Sunday. It is also a new moon in the fiery sign of Leo.

New Moons are a great time to think of things you want to manifest. Leo energy is for me, all about rock star energy. Being bold and basking in your day in the sun. Here is a few ideas to flow in this Leo energy.

♌ Do something unexpected. Surprise yourself.😊
♌ Tell people how you really feel or what you truly desire.
♌ Put yourself first for a change.
♌ Open yourself up to all the good that has your name written on

Have a wonderful Leo kissed Sunday.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

First, you know how much I love New Moons, because I LOVE making "New Moon Wish Lists!"

Second, it is interesting to note that my Rising Sign is Leo, which, at times can be great, but since my Natal Moon-Sign is Aquarius, which is the Polar Opposite of Leo, sometimes my Energy is super strong, and sometimes, with this particular Lunar Transit, not so much.

Nonetheless, I found it fascinating that the second recommendation you made, "Tell people how you really feel or what you truly desire," was one that I did roughly six hours ago. Frankly, it was instinctual. And, interestingly enough, it corresponded with the third bullet point (or, rather, lion point!), "Put yourself first for a change."

Granted, I truly have no problem doing that, but sometimes my selflessness gets the better of me, but I digress.

Speaking of bullet points, I do not know which one impresses me more: that you used the Astrological Glyph for the Sun-Sign Leo, or the GORGEOUS image of the Lion, whose radiance is both enhanced by the Sun, as well as enhancing the Sun's radiance, too.