Monday, June 5, 2017

For Roger

Last Month, Sir Roger Moore passed away at 89. He was one of my favorites since I was little. He was the "funny" Bond to me. Roger said his Bond was the lover. Indeed he was. His Bond wasn't​ my favorite role of his.

One of the things about Sir Roger he seemed to have witty and laid back approach to life. Whenever I saw him interviewed, he was always the consummate gentleman.

He took any criticism of his portrayal of Bond in style. Saying capriciously "I am the fourth best Bond."; His acting style he said is: My acting range has always been something between the two extremes of “raises left eyebrow” and “raises right eyebrow”. I think Sir Roger may have been harsh on himself. To carry a film series especially as popular as Bond takes a bit more than eyebrow raising!

How I came to truly love Roger is from watching him on the weekends as Simon Templar in The Saint. By the time I watched the series with my mom, it had been in reruns for years.

Nothing was better than watching Roger being all handsome, suave and saving the day as The Saint. If you have never seen The Saint, you should try to find it. I am sure it his portrayal in The Saint that led to Bond.

I'm​ always sad when an actor I likes passes on. I do wish I had the opportunity to meet him. We would have drinks, sat out on the Riveria and talk about life. I would of told him that be may be Bond to many, to me he will always be The Saint to me. Rest in peace, Sir Roger.


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