Saturday, May 13, 2017

It's Saturday, errands and people to see

Happy Saturday, my friends. Saturday is named for the Roman God Saturn. Saturn is aligned with the Greek God Cronus. Saturn rules ,in his benevolent qualities, for peace and wealth. In his Cronus attributes it is time and death. The things we do on Saturdays totally vibrate in Saturn energy.

Saturdays are usually a day to catch up with errands: shopping, laundry. In doing that, you are celebrating the wealth you have in food and clothes. You might go out with friends giving you a peaceful fun feeling for the week. The weekend is a time out feeling for most of us.

If you really want to use the energy of the day in a deep way, take time to write out things, people, thoughts you want to release. Write it all out. Then rip it up in little pieces to throw away or flush it down the toilet.

Go out there and have a wonderful Saturday, my friends.


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