Monday, May 8, 2017

A creative way to learn Oracle cards

When I was first teaching myself how to read Tarot and Oracle cards, I experimented with different ways to get to know the cards. The best way I found was drawing the actual card in my mystical notebook. When you draw, you have to take your time to really look at the cards. You begin to get familiar with the cards in a deeper way.

I pulled Big Happy Changes for this week. This is from my new favorite deck: Angel Answers Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

I don't draw it exactly. I change things that feel right to me. The overall theme of the card is still there.

Then I start adding the colors...

Trying to get the energy of the card right.

Voila! Here they are side by side. I say pretty decent.

If you want to learn the cards, try this method. I use to do it daily before I was a mom. Now, I do it weekly. You can also do a short poem or a find a quote you feel captures the essence of the card. The more creative, the more the cards will seep into you. As always, let your intuition guide you as well in your learning.


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