Stage Fright

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I have been
watching a lot of movies lately. Here
is another gem I found.

It is Stage Fright (1950) directed by Alfred Hitchcock.
Starring Jane Wyman, Marlene Dietrich and Michael Wilding.
(I have been on a Marlene Dietrich kick, so she may
pop up again in another post.)

It is a delightful thriller. I know putting
these two words together may be odd. It is right
for this film.

Jane Wyman (who is full of sweetness and charm)
is acting student Eve Gill. Her friend who she in
love with Jonathan (Richard Todd) is running from the cops
for murder. He has been having an affair with stage star Charlotte
Inwood (Marlene Dietrich. Eve hides him out
with her eccentric dad (the wonderful Alastir Sim.)
Eve takes into her head the only way to save him
is to use her acting skills and go undercover
to work for Charlotte. To get evidence that that she killed
her husband and framed Jonathan for it.

Oh, there is so much more fun. Throw in the charming
Detective Smith (played by Michael Wilding.) Now enters
a love triangle. This is Hitchcock after all.
You get beautiful shots, lighting, a great story,
wonderful actors and a lot of merry thrills
throw in.

To tell you more would spoil the movie. Of course,
I have the trailer for you. If you have never seen it,
please go watch it. Even if your not a Hitchcock fan,
you will enjoy it.

Now on to the trailer..


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