Thursday, December 1, 2016

It's December!

Happy December, my friends. We are down to the final stretch of 2016. I have not been active on here as much as I wanted to. Jake is in kindergarten now. Getting use to the rhythms of a new school and homework with him. School seems a lot more intense since I went. My husband is still in college. It falls down to Mom to keep everything running smooth and ship shape.

It's December finally. Time for Christmas, Winter Solstice, New Year's and Eggnog. I adore Eggnog. I wish someone had a 365 day a year Eggnog place. I surely be there. Eggnog in Spring, Summer and Fall!! It's all good to me. Have you ever tried to make Eggnog? I've seen recipes for it; I have decided one year I'll make it when I have an afternoon to myself. Have anyone of you made homemade Eggnog? Please let me know.

I have a not so secret love for Romance Regency books. One of my old friends use to make fun of me for reading them. I love them. I especially love the Christmas and Valentine's Day theme books. I have a penchant for sweet, old fashioned love stories. This book I got years ago at a half price bookstore. I have been recently been looking on Amazon and eBay to repurchase old Regency books again. They warm my romantic heart. I'll share of couple of these books with all of you. Also, my love of Betty Neels. That's a whole another post.

Have a wonderful Thursday, my friends. Start on your Christmas decorations and shopping. Get it done early, so you can enjoy the holiday season.


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Anonymous said...

Indeed, Shell, you and I, and so many others, have been especially busy from September through December, this year.

I long ago decided that I would only give Holiday gifts to people I genuinely like, people to whom I AM Divinely Guided to give Holiday gifts, and people that avail themselves of my Psychic Services on a frequent basis. It has made my life easier, happier, more fulfilling, and far less stressful.

Also, as you know quite well, I AM very inclined to give "no reason" gifts, or "thank you for being you" gifts, as well as "I love you and I think you are wonderful" gifts, etc.

And yes, in spite of being a Happily-Recovered-Catholic, I do love Christmas, and I certainly love the Winter Solstice, as that is the date the Sun enters my Sun-Sign Capricorn.

Thank you so much for a lovely post.

And, before I forget, you may wish to check out this on, and found tons of listings for Betty Neels. Check it out:

Thank you for all you do. And Happy Holidays!

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