Monday, November 14, 2016

Shine On!

When I was a girl, one of the earliest ways my intuition came up is I was able to feel who is good or bad. Those who felt bad to me I did my best to stay away from.

As I grew up, things got more complex. There are shades of grey in all of us. I couldn't say this person was completely good or this one is completely bad.

Now, I weigh things. I give people time to paraphrase Maya Angelou, let them reveal themselves to me. People always do eventually. When you see all of them, it's up to you decide whether they are a yes or no in your life.

The Full Moon lights up the night sky. This particular Full Moon is going to be one of the brightest this year. Like the Full Moon, we have to see what is illuminated.

This election has been one of the nastiest I have ever seen. I have never cared for our soon to be President going back years ago. People are saying racism,sexism,homophobia is on the rise now. It has always been there. Only now it's instaneous on twitter feed, Pinterest, You tube comments, etc.

Let people's words and actions illuminate for you whether certain people should be in your life or not.

Like the Moon light, let it shine down in the dark for you. Let it light the way home to your heart. Protect your heart and spirit. Be vigilant. Have Faith that somehow it will all work out. Bad things, people, actions flourish when people become bitter, hopeless and give up.

There is always bright days ahead. You can feel defeated, eventually you have to rise up. Like that beautiful Moon that goes from New to Full to Waning back to New. So do we go in cycles.

Have a wonderful Full Moon. Stay safe and shine on!


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Dena Miller said...

Love you Shell♥
May the light of the Moon Guide your Spirit in Love♥

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