Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Whitney


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thetarotman said...

Although this was a "Wordless Wednesday" post, (and Shell, I must commend you on the Massively Masterful, Awesome Alliteration of this post's Wise Wording!), I feel I must share a few words about it, and specifically, Ms. Houston.

Like many, I was a huge fan, and I can honestly say I remain one, although I also acknowledge that I have not listened to one of her albums in a while, but I digress.

When I heard that she died, I was less than kind. As someone whose mother is an alcoholic, any one who is or does a very good job of appearing to be addicted to an illicit substance, such as alcohol or drugs, well, sometimes, my patience with that is low.

That Ms. Houston died so shortly after Amy Winehouse, who also had her issues with drugs was sad, to say the least.

Nonetheless, I actually went on Facebook to publicly apologize for what I had previously written about their respective struggles with drugs. And, as someone who has, at least once or twice, given up on things, I can understand why someone would want to give up on something, even one's life.

Ms. Houston shall always have a special place in my Soul, although I wish her life had turned out a little different, and lot happier.

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