Friday, July 15, 2016

You have The Power!

It is a turbulent time in America. We have mass shootings, police brutality and police, themselves, being killed. We see all this in graphic videos, blared on the news and shouted on social media.

The isms of the world can feel overwhelming, suffocating and fearful. Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Ageism, Classism. We are not powerless! You are not powerless! I am not powerless!

Here are ways to reclaim your power back:

* Limit your social media. If you see, read or hear things that upset you, just log off. If you wish to engage with people, that is fine. If you don't, that's fine too.

* Vote! Not only in the presidental, also, your local elections. Write, call or email your elected officials.

* Express your feelings. Talk with your friends and family. Last week I met up with my friend, Neo. He hadn't been caught up with the news. We watched the news together and was able talk about how we felt deeply. It was healing for both of us.

* Express your feelings creatively in blog posts , like I am, vlogs, drawings, paintings, quilting, singing, writing etc.

* Volunteer for organizations that align with your values. Create your own movement or organization to better and uplift people.

* Watch television and movies that makes you feel hopeful and healed. Have a good book to dive into.

* Make your home and work life a prejudice free zone. Let people know you won't tolerate their prejudices in your presence. That include jokes, quips or stories.

* Accept how you feel. Our feelings about Racism, Sexism, The Police, Guns is highly influenced by our experiences. Know you may not fully understand people who think opposite of you. We can ,like I always say, respectfully disagree.

* Run for political office, if you feel called too.

* Pray, meditate, eat nourishing food and exercise.

* Search out good news about people and events that show the best in people.

These are a few ways to reclaim your power. Stay safe and sane. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I'll be right back here on Monday.



Victoria said...

Beautifully written Shell...very comforting, uplifting...and such empowering words!
Blessings kindred, wishing you a magical wkd!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Shell, and a Happy Sunday and Day of the Sun to you!

Thank you for this perfect and timely post. Indeed, I had a great time combining a Sacred Solitude Day with #DeadSilentProtest yesterday, Saturday, July 16, 2016.

I wanted to make sure to be off the Internet no later than 11:50PM, this past Friday night, and I was. I had just finished sending a thank you Email to a new client, along with some extra Mystical Messages (you know I give more to my private Readings clients, but I digress).

Everything you wrote is wonderful, and I have often engaged in many of the suggestions you made.

Of course, I cannot deny I especially enjoyed seeing a black Wonder Woman. Clearly, you gave us a peek into your secret identity! Ha!

Be well, thank you, again, for everything, and see you soon.

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