Monday, June 6, 2016

Make Mondays Marvelous

Happy Monday, Friends!!

Mondays can be a drag whether you work at home, at an office, a sahm, a student, unemployed looking for work or newly retired. Let's put the fun back on Mondays.

Here are five ways to make Mondays marvelous

1) Take Mondays to plan your week only. Don't make any appointments or errands to do on Monday.

2) Plan something fun to do on Mondays: go to the movies, try a new cafe, wear your most favorite outfit in the world.

3) Do one self pampering thing for yourself: facial, a long bath, spending 30 minutes listening to music.

4) Whenever you meet someone with Monday blues, be a happy I love Mondays ambassador. Be a cheerful light for others.

5) Ignore all the steps above and do whatever you wish to do!! Make Mondays your Freeday. Let yourself feel free to do whatever you want to do.

I have done all of these things to make Mondays good for me. If you have any tips on how to make Mondays better, leave that in the comments below.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Shell, and a Happy Tuesday and Day of Mars to you!

This was another great post! Personally, I have always enjoyed Mondays, even when I worked traditional business hours. In addition, these last few years, I have used appointment calendars that begin the week with a Monday, as opposed to a Sunday.

Personally, I love all the recommendations, and look forward to doing at least two of them next Mondaay, June 13, 2016.

Thanks, again, and see you soon.

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