Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Faerie Day

Happy Faerie Day, my friends. What is interesting about this date it is also the Feast of St.John the Baptist. In some books I've read, this day was celebrated as Midsummer. I love when dates have layers of interesting lore and celebration tied to it.

Do you believe in Faeries? I do. My personal belief is a lot of creatures that have been regulated to myths are real. Besides, it's best not to offend any local Faeries, where I live, by not believing in them. Have I ever seen a Faerie? Not yet. Perhaps, one day.

I have a sweet pink candle burning now dressed with a sun oil and dried roses on the top. I lit the candle for Love and Dreams coming true.

Isn't that what the best of Faeries mean to so many people. Our Faerie Tale stories abound with Love and Dreams coming true. Spend time today celebrating all the Love around you. Celebrate all the great dreams that have come true; savor the feeling of Dreams you still have coming true for you very soon.

Wishing you all a Faerie kissed weekend.
P.S. Please come back on Monday for My Somewhere in Time Day celebration.



Anonymous said...

I loved this!

Truth be told, the Sacred Fey (how I refer to the Faeries) touched my Heart many years ago, when I watched one of the "Peter Pan" motion pictures. There was a scene depicting how Tinkerbelle could be brought back to life, by having children chant, "I do believe in Fairies! I do! I do!" The chills and goose bumps that raced up and down my arms, legs, back, etc., are forever etched in my gray matter!

Many Irish Goddesses Are associated with the Sacred Fey, such as Brighid, the Irish Goddess of Healing, Inspiration, and Prosperity. In many Magickal Traditions, She Is traditionally venerated on February 2, which is also known as Imbolc (or, Imbolg; pronounced ihm-MOLK). I usually like to give the Sacred Fey offerings of bread, butter, honey, and cream around that time.

I must confess, I was inspired to do that from watching the DVD of the mini-series, "The Mists of Avalon," based on the novel written by (the late and great) Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Thanks for another great post, and for this lovely Re-Minder to pull out my Fairy-themed Tarot and Oracle Card Decks!

Kimmy Sunshine said...

I love this photo. It is so difficult to find fairies with dark skin. I'm snagging this pic.

Kimmy Sunshine said...

and she's reading.

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