Thursday, January 14, 2016

Upper Limit Problem

I read a great book called the Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. He highlighted the idea that most people suffer from an Upper Limit Problem. We only allow ourselves a certain level of good things to happen to us before we engage in acts of unconscious self sabotage. I found that idea intriguing. I totally see how I have done that in my own life from time to time.

I take prosperity classes with my friend, Robert Alvarez. He touches on this all the time. Two of my childhood friends use to worry in relationships about something bad was going to happen. I had the opposite view to just revel in all this goodness that is happening. The basic truth is the more you focus on something, the more it comes to you. Revel on all the good stuff. How good can you stand it? What happens if your dreams come true? Have you ever thought that far? You should. We can all be as happy as Eartha looks right here. Fabulously happy and well off.

When I was trying to get pregnant with my son Jacob. I use to imagine what it felt like telling everybody I was pregnant. How it felt to see my tummy getting bigger every day. I do this over and over until after over 16 months I finally got pregnant! When it finally happened, I was so happy. I owned my happiness and nothing could take that away. I am still over the moon over Jake even now. I prepared myself and stretched my capacity for personal happiness.

"The art of getting beyond our Upper Limit Problem has a lot to do with creating space within us to feel and appreciate natural good feelings. Letting yourself savor natural good feelings is a direct way to transcend your Upper Limit Problem. By extending your ability to feel positive feelings, you expand your tolerance for things going well in your life"
- Gay Hendricks, P.83

George Michael has a lyric in one of his songs that goes something like "What the hell do you do when your dream come true?" Most of us prepare ourselves for the worst, how about preparing ourselves for the best. How would it feel to win and accommplish your greatest dreams, aspirations, goals.

For today, think and feel on that. Stretch your how Good can I get for you range. Right now, after you read this blog post. Spend ten minutes feeling how it would feel to attract, achieve, manifest your most private dreams. Relish in that feeling. If you keep doing this, you will find like I did, you will be in that position where one of your wildest dreams is coming true. You can bask in that moment, own it and say to life give me more of that!! As my mom would say, Why shouldn't your dreams come true!


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Anonymous said...

Shell, first, oh, my Goddess!

Yesterday, Thursday, January 14, 2016, while preparing to meet with a semi-regular client, who was treating me to dinner in honor of my Birthday, I was viewing my Site Stats on my main WordPress Blog, "This Is Who I AM" and saw under the "Referrers" section,

When I clicked on the link, I thought, "How come I don't remember this post?" Then, I scrolled down to the comments, and I thought, "I thought for sure that I would have remembered commenting on this post!"

FINALLY, I realized what was going on! You successfully surprised me, Shell (and you know, all too well, that surprising a Psychic is a difficult thing to do!).

As you know, be it a group class or a private class, I channel so much, that I often do not recall what I say. These last few years, I have become more of an unconscious channel than a conscious one. And, as we have discussed, previously, thinking and dreaming BIG has become more of a priority for me.

Shell, you honor me greatly, and I AM most thankful. May you and all your blog followers and readers have a truly unlimited--unlimited in Love, Money and Creativity--weekend.

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