Happy Friday the 13th

Today, go out and kiss black cats while you dance happily under a ladder. I think of Friday 13th as a lucky day.

Reclaim this day and think on all the lucky things you like to happen. One of my dear friends likes to write 13 wishes he has. You can do that as well.

I found this great video which I want to share with all of you. I do my best especially in the morning to get my energy right. Ever notice how you are in a bad mood, then everything after that seems sucky. Even if I wake up worried or upset, I honor those feelings then turn find ways to up my energy.

We are energy in flesh form.

Anyway, here is the Prosperity chant by Karen Drucker. Enjoy, my friends and have a fab weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great post, Shell.

Indeed, I have never found Friday the 13th (or black cats, for that matter) unlucky at all. Then again,I have long-believed that people make their own luck, good or bad.

And thanks for the video. You know how much "Mr. Prosperity" loves these kinds of videos!