Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tea time Thursday

Happy Thursday, my friends. Before I even liked drinking tea, I enjoyed the whole romantic feeling of it. The pretty tea cups, saucers and kettle. The feeling of taking time for yourself to enjoy. The idea of dressing up with a long skirt, with hint of lace somewhere on me drinking tea.

(Yes, I have read way to many regency romances!) Which is explains why I am a fan of Betty Neels sweet romantic novels. One of things she does best is the cozy scenes she writes especially about food. When the heroine takes Tea, it is always especially delightful for me.

They had it in the sitting room, sitting by the fire with Beaker's efforts on a low table between them. Tiny sandwiches, fairy cakes, a chocolate cake and miniature macaroons, flanked by a silver teapot and paper thin China cups and saucers.
- The Mistletoe Kiss by Betty Neels

Aunt Thisbe was old fashioned; the younger generation might like their dinner in the evening, but she had remained faithful to high tea.

The table was elegantly laid, the teapot at one end, a covered dish of buttered eggs at the other, with racks of toast, a dish of butter and a home-made pate. There was jam too, and a pot of honey, and sandwiches,and in the centre of the table a cakestand bearing scones, fruitcake, oatcakes and small cakes from the local Baker, known as fancies.

- Always and Forever by Betty Neels


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