Sunday, September 27, 2015

Harvest Moon

Happy Harvest Moon, everyone. I know you have been hearing a lot about this Moon also being called the Blood Moon. It is also a lunar eclipse.

Full Moons can be as intense or fun as you wish it to be. It all depends on you and how the full moon makes you feel.

This Harvest Moon is special to me because its in my Moon sign of Aries. All my fellow fiery and adventurous Moon and sun babies in Aries this is our full moon. Of course, everyone can partake in this Harvest Moon.

Here is a simple exercise to do:
Remember, even if you can't see Lady Luna she is still up in the sky.

Lay down. Close your eyes. Visualize the Full Moon energy merging with your own personal energy. Then stay open to anything you hear, seel, feel, taste. I heard the message of letting go of all those fears locked inside of me. Then the warm voice and image of a good friend came to me.

For me, this visualization brought things that I obviously needed to know. As well, as a nice surprise too. You can do this visualization for five to ten minutes. Whatever you get, know that it is meant for you to know.

If you want more inspiration, click here to an another post about the Aries full moon

Remember the energy of the Full Moon lasts three days: day before, the day of, the next day. As always, I wish you a wonderful Harvest Full Moon.


1 comment:

Victoria said...

HI beautiful..what a wonderful visualization..powerful and healing! Thanks for always shining your magic! The moons was indeed beautiful..I always love reading your insights!
Happy Autumn..Wishing you Many Blessings and Sparkles all season long!

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