Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last Summer Full Moon

Happy Full Moon, my friends. It is the last Full Moon of Summer. I know for my Autumn lovers, they are rejoicing. I truly appreciate all the seasons. Each season is beautiful for me.

The last of Summer is Delight
Deterred by Retrospect.
This Ecstasy's revealed Review
Enchantment's Syndicate
- Emily Dickinson

This August Full Moon is brimming with Pisces energy.For all of you Moon and sun sign Pisces this is your special Moon. When I think of Pisces energy I think about one of my dear friends. He was a Pisces. He was beautiful, dreamy, kind, sensual and full of music in his heart.

Dive into your feelings. Express yourself authentically and safely. Perhaps tonight unplug from the world. Read poetry. Dance to your favorite music. Use any art form you love to express all of you.

It is true there is only one you in the whole world. The gifts we have been given are expressed uniquely from our feelings and experiences. So Tonight be bright and be you!

Wishing you all a beautiful Full Moon.


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