Monday, June 22, 2015

This space is for Peace and Healing

I hope you all had a great weekend and First day of Summer.

I am dedicating this post for peace and healing. Whatever time, day, or season you get to this post, I ask that you pray along with me. I pray for all those who have been brutalized, bullied and killed because of their race, their gender, their religion, their class, their culture, their age. I pray that people realize words and thoughts are powerful. Words and thoughts full of hatred and fear spawn atrocious acts from these twisted roots. I pray that people still continue to be the light when their world may be plunged in darkness. I pray for Peace and Healing for all including myself.

May Kwan Yin bless this post with love and peace as well. Blessed Be, my friends.


1 comment:

Judy Hartman said...

Such a beautiful prayer, Shell, and so perfect for this moment in time. I join you in this prayer for peace and healing.
Like so many, my heart breaks for the victims of this recent unimaginable tragedy, and for their families.

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