Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June

Happy June, my friends. It is a very misty rainy day in The Bronx. I always say the flowers and our reservoirs need the rain. As you all know, I love Rainy days.

June is named after the the Roman Goddess Juno. She is the goddess of marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, children and family. A warm hearted and loving Goddess. This is a great time to take stock of your family life. Do you need to reconnect more? Plan a family get together? If you have a child like me, think of fun and education things to do with your child. If you are in a committed relationship, is it time to take the next step to marriage? Or bring more free time and adventure to your marriage and/or committed relationship. I'm sure Juno can bring wealth of ideas to you.

It is also the birthday of this famous lady.

Marilyn would have been 88 today if she was still alive. I always had a soft spot for Marilyn. I am sure that is the reason I like pictures of Marilyn where she appears fresh faced. I think it shows the girl who was Norma Jean that still lives in her Marilyn Monroe persona.

Come back tomorrow for the Full Moon post. Have a great Monday.


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Jennifer said...

Hmmm on this full moon I think Juno can help me out with a few things I've been contemplating. I definitely have big plans for tonight's full moon ritual and Juno may be just the deity to help me out.

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