Friday, June 5, 2015

Dancing with the Waning Moon

Happy Friday, my friends. I always talk about Full Moons and sometimes the New Moons. There is another phase of the moon to tap into as well. When the moon appears to be shrinking before our eyes to begin her cycle again, Is this wasted energy? Oh no, this digs into something deeper.The waning moon is a rich time to work on releasing and banishing negativity in all forms in your life.

Now is the a great time to begin:
Weight release program
To begin sober living for yourself.
Cutting out junk food.
Leaving a bad relationship or job.
Fortifying yourself against negative influences.
Getting rid of poverty mentality.

You can burn candles in a variety of colors such as : gray, silver, orange, red, white. Black is always a nobrainer. Black candles ,for me ,I like to use sparingly. Wear colors that resonate strength for you. Use your favorite prayers, poems or quotes as personal mantras to use as a shield, inspiration and extra boost of energy as you let go of things, people, events in your life.

Waning Moon energy is a great time for self discovery. Use it to clean house within and without, by the new moon you will be ready to create new and exciting things in your life.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.



Victoria said...

Hi Shell. awesome tribute to the waning moon energies...beautifully much wisdom! Yes such a powerful time for so many reasons!Thanks for always inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Shell, you are the second person today who has written something about Waning Moon Tides, that I, not at all coincidentally, read today. One was written last month, but I happened to read it today.

Indeed, all that you wrote about working on during a Waning Moon Cycle is right on the mark! Personally, I have used many of those "petitions" during a Waning Moon Phase to clear out the gunk, as you would say, and welcome the good and the new.

In addition, I have found that surrendering and releasing anger, resentment, bitterness, and unforgivenss, either towards myself, and/or others is especially powerful and effective (at least, for me, it is) during a Waning Moon Phase. Especially during the last three days before the New Moon (which I was taught are the Dark Moon Tides).

This was a beautiful and powerful post, Shell. Thank you, as always, for all you do.

Have a wondrous and Goddess-Graced weekend.

Judy Hartman said...

I have never been aware of the different phases of the moon, but your posts make me want to learn more, Shell.
This one is beautiful and comes at a time for me when I am releasing a lot of pent up anxiety and wanting to release some extra pounds. I'll have to pay more attention to your inspiring posts! Thank you!

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