Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

I remember when I first had Jake. I use to marvel at all
the other mothers I see. They appeared so calm and confident. I felt awkward and unsure. What I learned, like most things in life, there is a learning period. Now, being a mom is second nature to me. I always tell people I feel like Jacob was always here. I know the unsure mom I was in 2011 would be pleased at the mom I am now in 2015.

I am wishing all the mother's out there a wonderful Mother's Day. Being a mom comes in many different forms.

Here are recent pictures of Jacob and I.

This is Jake and I doing a selfie together in January.

This is Jake and I coming back from 150th anniversary of NYFD. They had an open house of firehouses all over the city. We went to the firehouse near us. Had a great time. Jake loves firetrucks.



Anonymous said...

Oh, my Goddess! How old is this child, five?!

I thought he was two years-of-age; if he is, he is one BIG two!

Well, Happy Mother's Day to you, and Happy Mother Goddess's Day to you, too, Shell.

Jennifer said...

Happy late Mother's Day you beautiful mama!

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