Happy Poetry Month

Happy April, my friends. It is National Poetry Month here in America. I'm going to share favorite poems of mine including one or two I wrote myself! If you like poetry and/or write poems, please let me know. I can feature it right here on Swan of Dreamers. Let me know in the comments below or email me at Jettswan@gmail.com.

Here is one of my free form poems to kick of the month.

Bliss is this
Feeling glowly
Mind Free
Hair Free
Watching blue sky...



Anonymous said...

Shell, we previously discussed National Poetry Writing Month, also known as NaPoWriMo, for short.

I AM very excited about it, and looking forward to posting a poem a day on both of my WordPress Blogs to celebrate and honor it.

I love the poem you shared. It certainly echoes your Energy.

Dena Miller said...

I love Poetry Shell and write many poems too. I will look forward to reading your blogs this month about Poetry.
Thanks so much for sharing♥

Jennifer said...

Ah I must take a moment or two this month to write some poems. I journal daily, and Stevie Nicks says to write your journal entry on the right page of your journal, and then them poem on the left. I think that is how I will partake in this month.