Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow and Romance on a Full Moon...

Hi, my friends. I don't like to complain. We have another snow storm going on! I know with all this snow giving the earth fresh water will produce a beautiful spring.

Today would have been my full moon post. Today is the Full Moon in Virgo. The truth is my friend, it's been a really long, long week. The inspiration that usually flows is low today. Instead of beating my head against the wall, I decided to post something different.

For all my Virgo Moon and Sun babies this is your full Moon. Enjoy. Here is inspiration from last year for you.

Since I was feeling down, I decided to watch an old classic movies. Today, I watched an old favorite: I'll Be Seeing you (1944) starring Ginger Rogers and , one of my personal favorites, Joseph Cotten. It's a wartime romance set around Christmas time. What really makes the movie sing for me is that Mary (Ginger Rogers) and Zach (Joseph Cotten) both have a secret they are burdened with. As the fall in love, they begin to heal the burdens they both carry. Look out for a teenaged Shirley Temple as the niece of Mary (Ginger Rogers). The whole movie has a warm homey feeling that makes you feel anything or anyone can be healed.

It's a perfect movie to watch on a Snowy day. If where you are at is actually not snowing and feeling warm, you can still enjoy it too. I wish I had the trailer for you. I have something better, the whole movie itself via you tube. Enjoy, my friends. Happy Full Moon



Anonymous said...

Shell, this was a lovely post.

I must admit, the Astrologer in me was curious if there was a Virgo connection with Ginger Rogers, Joseph Cotten, and Shirley Temple.

Although none of the aforementioned actors are Sun-Sign Virgos, they each have some connection to Earth Signs.

Ginger Rogers was born under the Sun-Sign of Cancer (ruled by the Moon), which is the Polar Opposite of Capricorn, an Earth Sign. In addition, she Transitioned (or, died, if you will) when the Sun was in Taurus, also an Earth Sign.

Furthermore, both Joseph Cotten and Shirley Temple were born under the Sun-Sign Taurus. Mr. Cotten was a May Taurus, and Ms. Temple an April Taurus.

And, the Polar Opposite of Virgo is Pisces, and a lot of Pisces Energy has been connected to the Entertainment Industry, and with creating fantasy.

Interestingly enough, you mentioned the healing that takes place for both Mary and Zach. Did you know that Virgo is the Sign of Healing?

Finally, not at all coincidentally, I have been engaged in some deep Energetic and Spiritual Healing work since last night. Plus, naps and good food help, and in my case, COFFEE!

This was a lovely post, Shell, and know that it is getting better. For many of us.

Tracy said...

A snow day with oldies but goodies--that's the spirit, Shell! ;o) This time of year, it's easy to feel the blue edges of it--gotta have a lift to keep the spirits up! Be keeping safe, and warm! ((HUGS))

Jennifer said...

We are getting wicked weather this year right?! I am also trying to keep positive with movies and snuggling so I don't have to do it when the beautiful days actually come. I say it every year and still end up sitting inside some days in the summer ;) Lovely movies, I will have to get cracking on my classic movie watching.

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