Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Dawn

Happy Monday and President's Day for those of us in the US. Valentine's Day night, I went to Instant Warner Archive to see what new movies they had up. Lo and behold, I found this gem of a movie. Another Dawn (1937) starring the very dashing Errol Flynn and the lovely Kay Francis. Now, you can say it's dated in some ways. I enjoyed the old fashioned quality of the movie.

The story is simple. Errol Flynn plays Captain Denny Roark. His best friend and commanding officer, Col John Wister, played by Ian Hunter, comes home with unexpected new bride named Julia Ashton. Julia, played by Kay Francis enters the marriage as more of a friendship after grieving the loss of her previous love many months before. Col John in love accepts this. After meeting Denny, feelings grow between Julia and him. You can imagine what happens next. The film is short under 90 minutes. Kay Francis' clothes in this are beautiful. For those who love their romances with a bit of extra drama, you will enjoy this.

Of course, here is the trailer for you. Cheers.


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