New Loves

Hello, my friends. I hope this post finds all of you well and healthy. I know the holiday season can make people feel sometimes forced cheerfulness or living up to a fantasy version of what the holidays should be. Celebrate the holiday season in what feels authentic to you. Remember giving and receiving are both beautiful ways to enjoy this time of year.


I have a tendency to fall in love with books, TV series, actors, clothes. Once I fall in love, I am hooked.

Some loves last a lifetime: Star Wars and Mark Hamill. Others flit in and out. Long time loves for TV: Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Scandal, Sleepy Hollow. ( I am behind in some episodes, I can spend the Christmas Holiday catching up.) I have new loves to share with you.

1) Harry O (1974  -1976) starring David Janssen is on Warner Archive.
I always liked David Janssen, who is best known for The Fugitive TV series. I remember watching Harry O as a little girl. It is great to see the series as an adult. David Janssen plays Harry with the right amount of gruff, charm and heart. He is a retired cop who works as a private eye. No matter how bad things get, Harry still cares. I'm half way through Season 1.

2) Betty Neels.
Betty was a nurse who became a romance writer. She wrote over 130 books. I got hooked reading Dearest Mary Jane that I got from my local library. Her books are sweet, filled with warmth, great descriptions of homes, family and food.  Seriously, the dishes eaten are mouthwatering. The plots are usually similar. The heroine is plain, plucky and resourceful; or, pretty, plucky and resourceful. The hero is always a big man, Dutch, annoying at times , a doctor and drive a Rolls Royce. The settings are a lot of times set in hospitals. There is only tender kisses exchanged. No hot and heavy scenes. They are great gentle reads.  If you are a Betty Neels fan, let me know in the comments.

Well, my friends I have rambled on enough. Have a great day.  See you right back here in a day or two.



Sarah said...

Hi Shell!
I was wondering if you ever watched 'Medium'? I really like that series. I have a tale to tell you about Betty Neels. Ages ago Andy's Mum showed me her Betty Neels collection. It was in her bedroom on its own little bookcase. She used to read kind of higher brow books most of the time and Betty Neels was a more relaxing and fun read. When she died Andy's brother and sisters were asking each other and their respective partners what they would like. All I really wanted was the Betty Neels collection. I wanted it because it was a nice moment we shared when Jean showed me and it meant something to me. They now live on their little bookcase in the kitchen. I thought I better honour them by reading one and have now read two. The first was a Christmas short story which actually brought tears to my eyes it was so sweet! I really like her style which is just as you describe. I think most of her books are there so I have some cosy reading to look forward to!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Hi Shell. I love what you've shared about Christmas. Spread that beautiful smile and bright outlook of yours out into the world - that's a gift everyone will enjoy. :)