Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Full Moon Time

Tonight is a full moon in Aries, a lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde in full swing. My moon sign is Aries. So all my fellow sun and moon Aries babies, this is our moon.

The effects of that ram powerful fiery Aries energy has really
shaken up my life. It has been for the better, still it is taking me time to adjust.

The energy of the full moon lasts for three days. Take this adventurous Aries action orientated moon and make plans. It can be plans to leave your job,travel around the world, declutter your home, etc. Be as detailed or loose with your plans as you wish then wait. Yes,I said wait. Aries energy has strong bursts of energy but doesn't have staying power. The next new moon is on the 23rd. Implement your plans then.

I know from experience acting on Aries energy can lead you into trouble. I have many stories I can share as a kid when I went into situations half cocked. Stocked on by my fiery Aries moon energy, I do dumb stuff. If I just waited and listened closely to my intuition I would have saved myself some trouble.

Anyway,tonight and tomorrow you can plan to take over the world,just don't act on it yet.

Wishing you all a wonderful Full Moon.



Victoria said...

Hi Shell..wonderful insights about Aries and interesting stories you shared! Good to know! Yes, I am basking and enjoying the Moon's energy...wishing you many blessings too!!

Dena Miller said...

Happy Full Moon my Friend♥

Jennifer said...

Wow what a beautiful picture. Oh I am enjoying the moon so much. I feel so in tune with her energy these days.

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