Monday, October 6, 2014

Mori boy

Happy Monday, my friends. Inspired by a comment from a regular reader here, I realized I have neglected to share Mori boy style here.

Mori boy style, just like Mori girl style, is all about muted colors that evoke a forest dreamy feel. Layering and accessories are a must.

This Mori boy is all ready to step out.

Bright colors can also be worn. Loving the bright pop of red mittens.

Mori boys exude laid back creative flair.

Look at all these wonderful belts and medals this Mori boy is rocking. Adore his hair too.

I had to add these pants too. Perfect for Mori boy and girl alike.

Hope you enjoyed looking at Mori boy style. True style knows no gender. Have a wonderful Monday.



Anonymous said...

Shell, I AM truly enjoying these recent posts. Of course, I enjoy ALL of your posts, but I digress.

I enjoyed the photographs in your "Mori Girl" post, and also enjoyed the photographs of this "Mori Boy" post, too.

As someone born in Winter, I have always had an affinity with layering clothing, and I love the layered look of the "Mori" style.

And I must admit, when you mentioned the model with the wild, auburn hair, I remembered something Oprah Winfrey had said on her show, when it was on ABC.

Ms. Winfrey was interviewing someone (alas, I do not recall who, other than she was black and a singer).

At one point, she used the phrase "lighting and a fan," and to this day, it makes me smile or chuckle, as well as makes my inner Glamour God feel very good!

I think you have Divinely Inspired me to check out some "Mori" fashions for myself this Autumn.

Victoria said...

Gorgeous the mori vibe always..beautiful images..! Wishing you a fantastic day!

Jennifer said...

Love the Mori Boy style! Wonder if I could get my boyfriend to wear some of these things? :P

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