A Faerie enchanted Halloween Party

I'm excited to be part of A Fanciful Twist's Halloween Party hosted by the lovely Vanessa. Welcome new and old friends.
Let me introduce myself,  I'm Shell of Swan of Dreamers.  I have let my Faerie wings free today.

I've set the table for you, my friends. 

Yes,  there are chips for you in the tea cup
There is nothing better than Halloween Regency Books.  I ordered two books as a treat for myself. Please enjoy them while you eat cake. 
Using my magic wand,  presto... Our delicious cake is here.
Time for a drink.
Oh my,  what has Sir Fortune done now. Regency romances can be sweet fun.

My Faerie senses are tingling. I think more people are coming to our party. 

My boys are back!  Jacob reaching for an enchanted oreo cookie.

Here is my husband, Sean looking surprised that you all are here enjoying the party.

Time to cut the cake.

Here is your piece.

My boys and I are happy that you could come to our Halloween Party. Wishing you a wonderfully magical Halloween. 



Denise said…
This party is the sweetest :) I put My fairy wings on and enjoyed :)
Holly said…
lovely tea cups and decor
dawaioser said…
Hahahaha...you and your family are adorable...such sweet smiles. Thanks for sharing your intimate moment with me and allowing me a glimpse into your world. It's been grand. Happy October to you. :)

Now I'm off to visit the other parties and find some more Tricks-and-Treats.
Here's the link for my Sp0oKy event, after all, everyone needs a fright on Halloween, right? Mwhahahaha! ';)
mxtodis123 said…
I really enjoyed my visit here. Great party.
Lovely Shell, I am sooo delighted to visit you! And your baby?!? he is getting soooooo big, my goodness, he was just a baby yesterday!

You are a joy!!

Happy Halloweeeeen, thank you for joining in, truly! <3, Vanessa
Kim said…
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Nicole said…
That was delicious cake! Thank you and Happy Halloween! I do enjoy those fun regency books...I may have to find those two!
Chrislyn said…
What a delightful visit. Made even sweeter that the whole family could join us.Have a Happy Halloween!!

Chrislyn / Spiritdog Studios
Kim said…
So sweet the picture of you and your boy. Thanks for sharing and that piece of cake looks so delicious!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my party today!!

Happy Halloween!
Spooktacular Party Post! You & Your family are beautiful. Thank You for visiting my Are You A Good Or Bad Witch? Halloween Party. Good Witch to Good Witch, You are Blessed. Enchantingly Yours, Lyndy Ward >^..^<
Christina Paul said…
What a sweet party and your family's delightful expressions say it all! so fun- the cake - yum! and I didn't know they made Halloween regency novels- how fun!
Gina said…
What a delightful tea party...and such a charming family. It was a pleasure to join you all :D XXX
It was so nice to stop by and have tea with you and your family! I had a wonderful time, thanks for the invitation to your lovely party. Cheers, Sarah
DogsMom said…
It can be a bit shocking and overwhelming to see us all in a group - even more in your own home!
beverly e said…
Thanks for the sweets. It looks like your family enjoyed the party, too! Glad I could flutter by...
Kelly said…
Lovely time I had stopping by your party and seeing such a lovely family enjoying time together! The look on your hubbies face AND your sons smiles, just priceless!!! Your cake was super cute too! Cheers! ;)
Leslie said…
The party was great... you and your boys are ADORABLE!!!! I wish I had picked up some halloweeny romance novels.
Happppy Halloweeeeeeen!!
Thank you so much for inviting me, Dear Shell! Your party was delightful and I hope your boys got the rest that us girls didn't eat!! ;) (Love that look on your hubby's face!!)
Kerstin Bulin said…
OHHHH i love your party...happy halloween to you all
Kerstin from germany
I love how your family got into the Halloween spirit! Halloween hugs!
marrowandmeadow said…
Oh thank you for a love enchanted party. I hope your boys didn't mind the intrusion too much!!! I had a lovely time.

Thank you for having visited me over at Marrow & Meadow. Happy Hallowe'en to you and your wonderful family!!
Hello sweet Shell,
What a lovely Faerie Halloween tea! Two of my favorite things for sure!!!!
You and your boys look so sweet, good enough to eat!!! I am so happy you won the tea cup! I see it will be put to good use!
Halloween blessing to you and your boys,
In faerie Magic and love,
Victoria said…
HI kindred..what a super beautiful post..love the gorgeous pics of you and your loved ones! sweet and fun-spirited! Fantastic table..looks lovely and magical!
Thanks for shining your enchanting magic!!
Hugs and blessings
TheBlakkDuchess said…
What a gorgeous tea party! Thank you for inviting us all. ^_^

Your hubby and kiddo are cute as can be, what a wonderful family to join in your blog-partying! =D

Have a magical Halloween! <3
Jennifer said…
Oh my gosh the look on your husband's face! Tee her! Gorgeous party Shell!!

Laume said…
LOL, the photo of your surprised hubby has me giggling. Such a sweet party. :)
Sarah said…
Hi Shell! I am sorry I am so late but I am glad I finally arrived! You look beautiful and it was fun to see your boys joining in the Halloween fun too! Have a very happy Halloween! x
Tracy said…
This was so much fun, Shell! LOVE the pretty-decorated cake! LOVE your purple dress too!! So lovely to see you & your boys! You know, I don't think I've read a Halloween-themed Regency Romance before... gotta go remedy that! ;o) Wishing you & yours a VERY SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN! ((HUGS))
Oh, my goodness . . . its taken me quite a while to get around to all the parties . . . but, so glad to see you still had a little left for me! Thanks for the cake, it was delicious!