More Mori Girl

Hello, my dreamy friends. There are a lot of great changes happening with me and my boys. I share with all of you on Friday.

Today, I like to leave a bit of beauty for you. Celebrating one of my favorites styles called Mori Girl. I have done posts on this style over the years. Mori girl loosely translates to Forest Girl. It's all about layering romantic clothes in usually muted colors. Mori girl style embraces bright and dark colors depending on your taste.

It is a beautiful misty Autumn day and you hear the Forest calling you. Today you need to walk among the trees and leaves in glorious colors of orange, red, and yellow.

You can put on that lace tea stained shawl you recently found in a thrift store to wear.

Should you wear the brown boots decorated in lace?

Or the green forest boots?

As you walk from your city door to the forest, you encounter other Mori girls. This one has colors in shades of pale blue ocean waves.

There's another Mori girl with pumpkin colored dress you almost brought yourself.

Right before you reach the forest, a Mori girl, who favors darker colors to wear, passes you with a friendly wave.

Now, you have finally arrived. Ready to enjoy your day in nature under an Autumn sky.

Hope you enjoyed our Mori girl adventure today. I'll see you right back here on Friday.



Jennifer said...

I think that Mori is truly my fashion style, even though I have never tried to dress that way in particular. Now that I have discovered what the style is called I am obsessed, and have been looking up different outfits for the past few months. It is just perfect to me.

Anonymous said...

Shell, this was a cool post.

Although I AM male, I can appreciate the leisurely elegance of the Mori style.

Incidentally, I rarely write a blog post that has so many photographs, although there is a post on my other WordPress blog in the works that shall have more than a few photographs in it.

Thank you for being so wonderful, and being so you!